2020 Newsletter Editions

Data in the News: November 2020

A Harvard B-School trifecta: You’re right, you are working longer…how remote work changes our approach to onboarding…could an act of kindness equal good leadership? Check it all out right here. You’re Right! You Are Working Longer and Attending More Meetings How Remote Work Changes What We Think About Onboarding Good Leadership Is an Act of […]

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This Month’s Q&A: November 2020

Iván Rodríguez-Conde, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science U.A. Little Rock “ALEXA, TELL ME about the Internet of Things.” That’s probably an interview for the future, but for now we prefer to hear about IoT from an expert in the field. As a researcher, Iván Rodríguez-Conde specializes in the connection between humans and machines,

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Guest Column: November 2020

LESSONS THE PANDEMIC TAUGHT MEIf you’re responsible for technology in Arkansas schools,the past eight months have been a mixed message DON BENTON,Assistant Commissioner, Research and Technology,Arkansas Department of Education MY WHOLE CAREER has been about educational technology. Of course, as I embarked on this journey 27 years ago, neither I nor anyone else had any

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The Director's Chair

Director’s Chair: November 2020

IF YOU’RE READING this, you’re likely in an IT occupation. If so, I’m asking you to recommend to two others who aren’t that they should consider pursuing a career in IT. There are some 60,000 IT jobs in the state of Arkansas, and right now approximately 5,000 are going unfilled. This isn’t static data—the number

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Data in the News: October 2020

The data behind those obnoxious political texts…how to keep COVID-weary employees engaged and motivated…an earphone that tracks facial expressions through a mask—are you “Angry” or “Kissy-Face”? Check it all out right here. Getting Lots Of Political Messages On Your Phone? Welcome To ‘The Texting Election’ Keep Your Weary Workers Engaged and Motivated Earphone tracks facial

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Guest Column: October 2020

THE PHONE CALL YOUDON’T WANT TO GET But if you need it, you sure don’t want to miss it Jim Womble,Executive Vice President and Board Member,First Orion UNFORTUNATELY, CONTACT TRACING remains a very relevant subject these days. With COVID numbers rising in many states, even as we head into the winter flu season, it’s more

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This Month’s Q & A: October 2020

Scott Anderson, Executive Director, Forge Institute’s American Cyber Alliance WITH OCTOBER BEING Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we sat down with the recently named Executive Director of the American Cyber Alliance, a program powered by Forge Institute and dedicated to building public-private partnerships to reduce cybersecurity risks through training and collaboration with stakeholders in business and government.

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The Director's Chair

Director’s Chair: October 2020

THERE’S A LOT going on in the technology world in Arkansas, and come early November you’ll have a new way to keep abreast of what’s happening. That’s when ACDS will launch our new podcast series called “Empowered by Tech.” Co-hosted by data scientist Dr. Elizabeth Parker and radio veteran David Wallace, these bi-monthly podcasts will

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